Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, March 16

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 16th, 2014
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Table Rock Bass

Launched yesterday with Bob and Kyle Nichols from Moline Illinois to a very nice day, with water temps in the Kings River being in the 48 to 51 degree range and the water on the main lake at 44 in the Shell Knob to Big M area.

Nichols Bass Fishing 001.JPG

Mostly fished an Alabama Rig, but did throw a jig some and swim a 4 inch Chompers Ctail grub.

Nichols Bass Fishing 004.JPG

Had a total of 18 bass with 9 solid keeps up to 3.5, 2 white bass and a crappie.

Bob caught a double on very nice keepers with a LM and a K on the rig at the same time. He said he felt both hits, one then the other and thought he might have two. That’s pretty good to call a double on an A-Rig.

Nichols Bass Fishing 003.JPG

Where were they last week when I needed them?

Pretty much had to wait or kick a boat out of every location, cause it was just a zoo. Most anglers were after White bass or crappie, but there was a tremendous amount of traffic.

Fish for us were still deep with most bites coming in the 20+ foot range after we had let either the rig or the grub count down to about a 10 count.

Good Luck

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