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Doty’s Table Rock crappie report, March 10

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 11th, 2014
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Brother Dave showing off some of his catch today.

Only got in 1/2 day of fishing with Brother Dave and another buddy today.  We started about 1:30 in the afternoon and fished till dark.  It was windy, warm, and we had a lot of fun.  It was tuff to get on the bottom today with the wind and stay in the depth of water we wanted to be.  

After making a few drifts with the wind we finally came up with a productive way to catch.  We ended up putting a 1/4 oz weight on the end of our line and then 2, 1/16th oz jigs spaced about 18 inches apart and 18 inches above the 1/4 oz weight.  This would keep us on the bottom with the high speed drifts we were getting in the wind and as long as I could keep the boat in 20 feet of water, we were catching fish.

Again, lots of shorts today, but we did end up putting 19 keepers in the live well.  We also got into some really nice whites almost across and just down from point 15 right before dark.  Might have to go play with them again tomorrow.  Today was by far the best action we’ve had out there in the last few days.  The shorts kept us busy all afternoon.  Fish catcher today was crappie magnets in the killer krill? (i think that is the name of the color) and blue thunder swimming minnows.

The bucket over-flowith

10 march 3.jpg

a couple of the big whites

10 march 2.jpg


10 march 1.jpg


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