Table Rock Lake

Danger Close’s Table Rock fishing report, March 10

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 11th, 2014
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03102014-5lb LM.jpg

With the nice weather we extended the weekend and fished close to home today.  There were a few chores remaining related to our golf cart, hot water heater, the boat and spring cleaning, so we got a late morning start.  

We headed up the White a short way and started fishing a pretty steep main lake point with some timber.

In Mill Creek, we met a gentleman yesterday who told us he had good luck fishing this type of structure and we watched him release a 6+ lb LM that he had been carrying until he could fix his camera phone. He was a very nice guy who had been fishing with his dad in a Ranger, and he was a pleasure to talk to.

My recently retired buddy, Ron, my wife Lily and I all tied on jigs from the Skunkworks.  Lily caught a 6+ LM and a 5+ a short time later, dragging the jig slowly.  Ron & I both switched to what she was throwing and Ron promptly caught a nice K.  The guy on the trolling motor? nada, LOL

A few short fish later it was time to head for home.  What a beautiful day!

03102014 - 6 half LM.jpeg

03102014 - Kentucky.jpeg

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