Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, February 24

Posted by Phil Lilley on February 25th, 2014
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Had call after call this week for both the CPA and upcoming BFL, so I pretty much told everything I knew, which was not a whole bunch.  Met my client Friday morning at the Viola ramp and he was having some very back stomach cramps and just could not go, so I decided to see what I could stir up.

Started with the floater in the Kings and had to break Ice to get out of there.  Nothing on the float-n-fly.

Decided to throw a stickbait as it was early and Pete said from his report that he was getting bit up the White River early on a stickbait.  Threw it about 2 hrs. on some of my best sticker stuff up there and Nada.

Little breeze was kicking up and the sun hitting one of my favorite transition banks so I tossed a football jig abit and  caught 2 nice LM downstream from the Shell Knob Bridge.  Thought it was looking up so I threw it another hour with nothing.

Had to suck up my pride and start throwing the A-Rig.  It was 11:30 and I pulled on a bank up the white I had been catching them on.  In the next hour and a half, I caught 9 really nice keepers on it no shorts.

2-25-14 003.JPG

This got me thinking that since I did not have a trip I would maybe enter the CPA derby.  Hated to fish full bore for 2 full days, but If I could catch them I would.

Ran to Harrison and back in record speed and was throwing a B00-Rig by 3:15  threw it till 5:30 without a single bite on the same stuff I had been throwing the A-Rig.

2-25-14 007.JPG

Pretty down, I repacked up the A-Rig and caught a keeper on the second cast.   Threw it 5 more times and caught a nother keeper.

Put everything up and headed home thinking how much I sucked not to be able to catch anything except on the Rig.

Total for the day was 13 fish, all keepers with 11 of them on the Rig and the two early fish on the FB-Jig.

2-25-14 005.JPG

Talked to Tim Sainato and told him my locations and what I had been catching them on.  He had 4 the fish day I think and a couple the second day, all on a jig.  He did however catch 4 keeper walleye the first day and 3 keeper walleye the second day on that same FB-Jig.

Go figure.  Kudo’s to those folks that were able to catch them this weekend, it was just a bugger out there.

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