Table Rock Lake

White River Outfitters Current Table Rock Lake Fishing Report February 19

Posted by Phil Lilley on February 20th, 2014
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Kind of got a jump on things this morning and wanted to get on the water early. Really glad I did as the bite for me was really a 2 stage deal, with the best bite from 0700 to 0900.

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Started at Eagle Rock to clear water at 39.5 degrees. First cast I had a very nice keeper on the Rig. Boat positioned in the channel throwing up on a break. Fish was in 20+ right on the bottom. Made another cast to the same location and had its twin. This is a channel swing where the water breaks from 20 to 50 ft. in the length of a throw. I caught 3 more here all shorts.

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I had intended today to throw the Rig and also a Jig as these fish are just positioned where that should be the deal. Most all I’m catching are on the bottom. Most being from 20 to 35 feet. You have to just bounce that A-Rig the entire time or you will not get bit. That is why I have been thinking about a jig. Still have not caught a K in the last 3 weeks.

2-114 010.JPG

I then started fishing long points from Eagle Rock to Devils Dive. About the 3rd. stop, one just slacked me on the A-Rig. Threw in there 3 more times and nothing. Put it down and tossed the football jig up there and that was the deal. The big gal hit and then swam happy as a lark to the boat. Very nice 24 in kicker
Moved across the small cove and caught 2 more off this long point, one being a short and another very nice LM keeper on the Rig.

2-114 001.JPG

Stopped on 4 bluffends to throw the floater, and by gosh I caught a short LM on the second end.

Hit a big dry spell. About 2 hrs. of nothingness.

Ran into Quillback at Carter Creek around 11 AM and at that time I had 8 fish with 4 keepers, including a very nice 6 plus pounder. I was having a dry spell and had just a couple of other places to try before I made my way back to Eagle Rock to put her away for the day.

Stopped on a secondary chunk rock point that runs way out into the channel, and put the boat right on the edge. Gave the Rig a huge heave and let it settle to the bottom and then started it back. I’m guessing it was laying on the bottom in about 15′. About 1/2 way back I got wacked and boated an nice 18incher. Thru back and missed one, so I chunked out the jig and caught another really nice keep.

2-114 001.JPG

Pulled off it after 5 or 6 more casts and idled across to the next point. Nothing so I went back and caught 2 more shorts where I had just caught the previous fish.

Pulled down on the point just upstream form the ER bridge and gave 3 last casts. Boated a very skinny buck on the last cast of the day and called it quits about 2:30.

Surface temp at the ramp as I pulled out was 42.9

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