Table Rock Lake

Table Rock fishing report, dam area

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 11th, 2013
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by abkeenan, OAForum.  Last trip of the year didn’t start off too well as the big motor was having issues and was unable to start it all weekend. Launched at 86 Park anyways and had to use the trolling motor only and fished all the way to our dock in Beardsley. So we were VERY limited in where we could fish.

That being said we did alright. I guess you would call it trash fishing as they seem to be every where and no where and caught them on cranks in 8 FOW on pea gravel and chunk, suspending jerkbaits at 5 feet down above tree tops in 20-40 FOW and also locked on the bottom at about 27 FOW on the jig. About every other fish was a keeper.

Most consistent was the jerkbait and probably more so the jig. Brother was out-fishing me with PBJ with full size brush hog trailer and I was almost holding my own on a green pumpkin purple with table rock red paca chunk sr. trailer. Struck out on the A-Rig AGAIN and fished it at all depths in the water column to no avail.

Most fish came on the jig and the biggest fish of the weekend 3.25ish LM came on the McStick. Nothing huge but a decent weekend considering the limitations of trolling motor only. Weather was beautiful and did get to see a pair of A-10 Warthogs fly over and also a bald eagle fly over. If I was going again I would probably target bluff walls and steeper banks with wood in that 15-40 foot zone and throw the jerker. Seems like that was the best concentration of fish and more than once had 1 or 2 fish trying to steal the McStick out of the others mouth. Good luck out there.

Will also add that one morning from about 9-11am fished with a neighbor who had a good bite going using live perch on the bottom at 27 ft on a pea gravel ledge near an island. Caught some nice KY’s and SM’s and I lost one “monster” that I never saw but was pulling like a mule for about 15 seconds digging for bottom and felt a head shake before he let go of a rather large “pumpkinseed” sunfish I had rigged on a drop shot setup. Never saw it but was thinking it was either a 5lb+ smallie or largemouth or perhaps a catfish. Still thinking about it. ;(






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