Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake fishing report, Oct 13

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 15th, 2013
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Posted by Cindyjo on OA forum.  Went out Sat. early evening and had a great time.  Caught many bass and a good number of white bass.  Fished about 2 hours.  The hit was consistent during that period.  Fish were in the 20-25′ range.  Whites were midway at about 10-15′.  

Went out yesterday but started earlier due to the increasing chance of rain.  Fished 2 hrs. (10:30am-12:30pm) and the first hour was nada.  The next hour was a blast.  You can see by the attached pics. the fish were finicky.  In pic 793 & 795 note how they are on the bottom not really feeding.  Had to deliver the lure within 2′ of the bottom to catch fish.  Pic 798 is really interesting.  See how the bass are below the bait fish, not really feeding.  I see this a lot on off days.  When they are like this I usually go home since the catch will be very slow.  For some reason the catch changed after the first hour.  They started feeding, but not a frenzy like I have seen many other times.  Even with the finicky mood they were in I caught many fish.  Several in the 15″-16″ range, see pic 792.  The lures I used are in pic 799.  The 1st one from the left produced all the fish and you can see it in the mouth of the fish in 792.  The next 3 did not produce any fish.  Unfortunately they were the first ones I tried.  No whites today.

weather – overcast

boat traffic – heavy (Columbus day)

solunar table – moderate

wind – southeast, breezy

fish – challenging but productive

lures – orange and silver spoon most productive

structure – edge of riverbed, 150 yards offshore, 20-25’ow

Till next time.


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