Table Rock Lake

Table Rock fishing report, Oct 9-10

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 11th, 2013
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by Cindyjo, OAF Forum  —  Went out Wed. early evening for about an hour.  NE breeze, mile high skys.  Didn’t expect much and the sonar showed the fish laying on the bottom.  Fished for an hour caught 1 bass, and it was a keeper.  Tossed him back in and went home.  Noticed the bait fish in the sunlight and could see them turn on their sides in the school.  Got a good image as to what the bass see.

Went out Thursday early evening.  Remembered the mental image of the bait fish from the night before and used the lure in the attached photo.  I was in one of my usual fishing spots which I reported in an article here a couple of weeks ago.  They were in a feeding frenzy as you will see in the attached photos of the sonar and side sonar.  Very large schools of bass feeding.  Caught a lot of fish in about 2 hrs.  I wont say how many since some would not believe the numbers, but a LOT of bass.  My left thumb is raw this morning.  The bass in the pic. is 16.5″-17″.  All the fish were caught on the same lure.

Look closely at the side sonar pics. since they do a better job of indicating the number of the fish.  The down sonar shows the fish moving through and feeding.  There is a lot of detail revealed in the photos if you take time to study them.  The night before in the same area showed the fish hanging close to the bottom.  They were there, just not feeding.

Last night

75deg water

SE light breeze

clear skys

4:30pm – 6:30pm

solunar table – ideal

20′-25′ water depth

boat traffic – none

distance to shore – 100-150 yards

structure – small hump raising 3-5′ from the bottom

baitfish – hugh schools clearly visible from the boat and on side sonar

General pattern – fall

I was a little surprised with the amount of fish caught with the clear skys, but everything else was ideal.  Once I located the schools of bass I anchored so I could maintain an ideal location and casting advantage with the wind.

Looking forward to more of the same in the next several weeks.

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