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Babler’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, June 19

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 19th, 2013
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June 19th. Bass Fishing 002.JPG

Mid lake is really classified from about Pt. 9 to point 23, and here is what is going on from the Mouth of the James to the Mouth of the Kings River.

Surface temps starting each morning in the 77 degree range and right now staying pretty close to that.  Surface temps had been up to 80, but have backed of somewhat.  We had 55 degrees air temperature at the Lodge this morning and really need a hooded sweat shirt for travel on the lake.  These cool nights are keeping the surface temps down.  Going to warm up though.  Water is a perfect color with probably 8-10 ft. of visibility on the white plate test.

Getting started early now is a key to your success.  There remains a very good top water bite before the sun hits the water.  You can approach this 4 different ways now, depending on the type of fish your going for and how many you wish to catch.

June 19th. Bass Fishing 003.JPG

1.  Big water schooling bite.  This is mainly K’s with some Jaw’s, and if your alert you will see them off the major flats and cove mouths chasing shad.  This can be a very good numbers bite.

2 Bank bite in front of the bushes.  This bite is mostly a LM bite with a Jaw or two thrown in depending on your lake section.  This bite would work mid lake.  Feed your favorite TW bait in front or thru the flooded bushes and work it our.  Not as many bites, but a much better chance of catching larger fish.

June 19th. Bass Fishing 004.JPG

4 Early morning tree bite.  The LM and some very nice K’s are now starting to suspend in the Cedar Trees and in the pole timber, you can work this bite, best with a spook or a fin.  Another low numbers big fish bite.

5 White Bass Bite.  Mostly traveling and watching for surfacing fish.  They have been off the flats on most lake sections Mid-Lake, but they are hardly ever in the same area two days in a row.  Mouth of the James, Goat Island and the flat across from Baxter are good locations for this type of action.

When the fish go down and it is usually as soon as the sun hits the water, so if your out at 0500 you have at least 2 hrs. of solid top water.  Then look for the same fish right now on the bottom in 28 to 36 foot.  These fish are holding off the ridges and runnouts on most of the major lake flats from Lazy Lee’s past point 7 to above Campbell Point.  Drop shot.

June 19th. Bass Fishing 005.JPG

If your not that much of a top water chaser there has also been a very good early tube or finess drag bite in front of the flooded bushes.  I’m using a green pumpkin tube or a green pumpkin candy zoom fish dr.   As the sun rises continue to get deeper.  Fish have pretty much kept to the bottom out to about 36 and I know they will eat a hula grub or a jig in the same locations.

If your into catfish or big bluegills I’ve been catching some on the same locations using live bait rigs.

June 19th. Bass Fishing 007.JPG

Hope this helps,  Good Luck

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