Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, June 18

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 18th, 2013
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multiple pics June 17th 002.JPG

Nice morning on the Rock for my crew out of the Lodge this morning. Hit the drink at 0500 and pointed the Star Ship in the direction of what I hoped would be a topwater popperie.

Right off the bat on the third cast, Sandy boated a double on Keepers with a very nice Jaw and a K both pinned to the Cordel Redfin. She thought it was pretty easy at this point. “Can’t blame her for that. Ron was having to work abit harder for his payback.

Topwater bite for us lasted only until about 7 AM. But before it died, Sandy struck again on a Giant Table Rock Lake Largemouth Bass she nabbed on her Fin.

multiple pics June 17th 001.JPG

I had given the Kids instructions on the proper technique of running the Redfin, and she was a listening.
Sandy and I both saw the Huge Largemouth coming for her presentation as it was waking water just behind her fin. I had told her to just reel thru the strike and just continue to reel and keep a heavy bend in the rod. She did. Just like a pro and the 7.4 pound Largemouth engulfed her offering. She caught the fish and landed it to perfection. Something that would have been even hard for me to do seeing that Monster coming at the bait out of the cedar top.

multiple pics June 17th 005.JPG

Little after 7 the fish went down and we continued to catch them on a drop shot. All in all just a wonderful morning with surface temps at 77 degree and clarity at 10′

multiple pics June 17th 006.JPG

If they all went this good, I’d be in La-La Land.

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