Table Rock Lake

Quill’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, June 14

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 14th, 2013
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Bass fishing was OK, again caught a few more than 20, maybe half a dozen keepers.  Ol’ Monster early, then some Fin fish on top for a while, picked up a few on the c-rigged Zoom UV Speed craw.  Wished I had brought the Drop shot stuff, I could see them out on the deep end of the gravel points later in the morning.

Now for the walleye story.

Yesterday there was a fellow basser fishing close to where I was, we stopped and chatted, introduced ourselves and talked over the fishing for the morning.  Well today I’m fishing the same point, Joe, the fellow I talked to yesterday pulls up again, we talk, and he mentions he has a couple of nice walleye in the livewell that he had picked up earlier while tossing a crankbait.  So we talk about how a guy will catch a walleye every once in a while while bass fishing, but usually it’s just one in a day’s fishing, so Joe has done good to get a couple in the live well.

I’m dragging the c-rig around as we’re talking about walleye, get a bite, set the hook, feel a heavy fish that’s doing a minimal amount of moving around, and sure enough it’s a walleye, a no doubt keeper, I didn’t measure it but it was probably 22-24″.  I ask Joe if he wants it seeing how he’s already going to be cleaning fish and he’s happy to take it.  He moves his boat over close to mine, opens up his livewell, and I toss it in (banking it off the lid).

So we chuckle about it, what a coincidence..HAHA.

So I go back to dragging the rig, 5 minutes later feel a bite, it’s got that heavy, slow moving feel to it, it can’t be I think, but there it is, another freakin’ walleye.  This one I had to measure as it wasn’t an obvious keeper, but it was 19″ and Joe got another fish to clean (tossed that one right into his livewell – nothing but net!).

Double coincidence – good for a second laugh, and that was it for the walleye catching.

For you crawler draggers – both wallies were at about 15 FOW off a gravel point.


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