Table Rock Lake

Quillback’s Table Rock fishing report, June 13

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 13th, 2013
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Out on the water at the crack of dawn, headed to my favorite point and started tossing the c-rigged Ol’ Monster.  They bit the Monster really well for a about 20 minutes up on the point shallow and then it was over.  Did some top water fishing with a Fin that I have that works sort of OK, caught a few on it, lost about half a dozen, including one that was around 3 lbs.  First time I’ve used braid with the fin, I don’t know if that was a factor but losing a bunch of fish halfway to the boat is annoying. 

Once the top bite stopped, started c-rigging the Ultra Vibe speed craw, caught spots here and there with it, mainly 13-15″ spots in 10-15 FOW.  Ended up with somewhere north of 20 bass.  The boat parade started about 1100, the fish stopped biting, so I was on the trailer at 1215.

Water temp 78.


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