Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, June 11

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 11th, 2013
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Thought it had been far to easy, but the door got slammed in my face today to the tune of calm flat water and a high boiling hot sky. Started at 5:30 in the Dam area, with the fin and I will tell you I have not seen the amount of fishing pressure outside of April here. By 0600 there was a boat on every runnout I wanted to fish and sometimes as many as 3 boats fishing each location.

RPS was right, the Lake paid me back in spades today. Bought like the Irish did to the Sooners last year.

Two boil ups on the fin was the extent for that. Had 3 very nice keeper Smallmouth dragging a Fish Doc. in 15to 20 feet of water and 2 completely stupid White bass on spoons.

Only savior for me was the dropshot in 28′ and that bite was darn poor. We did manage to snatch 9 from the bowels of defeat.

Rick and Bill were out together today with a big party trying to find some up and down crawler fish. Think they might have had a bit better luck than me, but I think it kind of smacked them today also.

Water temp at the dam when I started was 74 and when we crossed the finish line in dead last place, it was 78, so it is for sure turning into Summer.

I will catch them better tomorrow, and they will again start to change from friendly Spring fish to temperamental Summer fish.

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