Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, June 9

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 10th, 2013
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Brown Bass Extravaganza 005.JPG

Just one of those perfect mornings that we have been having for the past month.  This one clearly or should I say cloudily was without a doubt my best Jaw morning of the year.  Picked up Glen and Charlie early at Kimberling Inn.  0500.  Told the boys about the danger involved with mean Brown Bass and Redfins and forbid them from bringing angry fish into the boat.  Knew this was appropriate this morning due to the wonderful overcast conditions.

Put the troller down on a point between KC and Little Cow, and did not lift it again until quitting time.  37 Brown Bass, 6 Big K’s and 6 Big White’s came to the cautious guides boat in the 4 hrs. we chased the chasers in a 4 city block area.


Brown Bass Extravaganza 004.JPG


Surface temps at 72 at the start and the same when we quit at 9:30.  Water was a perfect light green to blue and you could see them come for the fin and see almost the entire fight as they flashed down to mayhaps 10′ deep or so in their struggle to rid themselves of the bothersome sticky thing that led them where they didn’t want to go.


Brown Bass Extravaganza 001.JPG


Lots of Sky Rockets today as these fish just slammed the bait and preformed like gymnast to rid themselves of it.  We didn’t loose as many as we caught, but for sure the Smallmouth won their fair share of the battles.

I hooked one just about out of sight as I heaved the 1/2 oz. Spittin Image Spoon to a boil.  She jumped 4 times in route 1/2 way back before she said, “No soup for you and flung my spoon back at me.”  By far my biggest Brown Bass of the year, she would have been.

These fish were feeding on both threadfin and gizzard shad.  Most coughed up their breakfast as we boated them.  Had one big Jaw have a gizzard in her mouth that was at least 8 inches long she spit about 10′ from the boat as she battled her potential captors.

Glen had asked the night before if we would catch any smallmouth, and I said weather permitting.  I told him we were topwater fisherman and he said he didn’t think a smallmouth would eat a topwater lure.  I said.  ” I think I have one they may like.”

He now agrees with me.

Brown Bass Extravaganza 002.JPG

Another great day on the Rock.

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