Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, June 6

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 7th, 2013
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June 4th Birds June 5th. Fish 005.JPG

Well the old saying it’s better to be lucky than good has more than applied to me for the last several weeks.

Hit the water with Josh and his Dad at 5:40 this morning out of Mill Creek and started catching fish almost immediately. No, not on a fin at first, but the grub. Hoped to catch Jaw’s today, but they were just not going for us. I believe we ended up with 1/2 a dozen or so, but not what I was thinking on such a fishy day, with all the cloud cover. It was a bit slick, but what a nice cool morning.

June 4th Birds June 5th. Fish 001.JPG

Surface temps at the start were 71 and when we ended around noon 72. Visibility is just perfect at about 14 ft.

Fished the first main lake gravel pocket with a fin and had only 2 come up on it so I started swimming a grub to find another bait. Cripes I hate to do that before 6 AM, but did. I immediately caught a very nice 3 pound LM. We switched and worked the grub catching about a half dozen before I could take it no more and moved. Next location, singles were up on the fin. Caught about a dozen scattered and had one really nice LM jump off. Best fish my boat has had on in a while. I’m guessing over 5 pounds.

June 4th Birds June 5th. Fish 002.JPG

Moved up the White River point hopping and caught one here and one there.


June 4th Birds June 5th. Fish 004.JPG

Just past point 16 up they came in a swarm. Pretty much everything from whites to gosh only knows what. We caught everything. When they would go down, we would either spoon up and down or throw a rig. If we spooned we caught whites, if we dragged a Fish Dr. we caught K’s.

June 4th Birds June 5th. Fish 003.JPG

Again just one of those lucky locations, with more than we knew what to do with.

Beck had his best white day of the year also, catching them from Cow Creek to Point 5 Said he cleaned 40. Better him than me My guys let them swim, and that is a good thing.

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