Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, June 4

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 4th, 2013
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June 4th. Smallmouth 004.JPG

Met Anthony Puglia his son Hunter and Father-in-law at Moonshine Beach at 6AM and what a super group of folks for Louisiana. Hunter is only 7, but he has been there and done that and he can catchem. 4 hrs. may have been a bit to long for him, but for the first 3 hrs. he was a Windin-em-in.

The boys hopped into the Phoenix caring Loomis Rods with either Curado’s or Stella’s. Pretty salty equipment. Little to heavy of line on the bait caster so we put Pa-Pa on new Falcon with a Steez. All was well.

Zoomed across to the lake to the first flat point with a slight chop on the water. Surface temps at the dam when I launched were 70 degree, and the water after all the rain is abit off color with visibility only about 10′.

June 4th. Smallmouth 003.JPG

I was throwing for Hunter and he had the first one, a nice 14″ jaw blasted his fin. Dad followed it up with a quality K over close to 18 inches and the hit parade was on.

June 4th. Smallmouth 001.JPG

Most points had between 4 and 6 fish all topwater. These boys could catch them and did exactly what I told them. Did not have the fin jerked or fished in the wrong way all day. Just fish after fish. Mostly Brown Bass.


Pulled into a flat point just this side of point 5 and the water just caught on fire. I mean 100’s and 100’s of whites blew up all around us. There were shad trying to school on the back of my boat and the bass of all species were just slamming into the boat. These boys fish Spec’s and Reds in the Salt and they said it was just like that with the exception that the Whites and Jaw’s pulled lots harder than the trout.

These fish stayed up close to and I’m embarrassed to say, 2 hrs. Just everywhere. My boat is a complete mess They chased shad from my boat thru the pocket and completely out on the bank. There were some very nice Jaw’s in the bunch along with LM and K’s.

Boys kept 5 monster whites to try for din-din, and marveled at the topwater bite that we have going on.

Anthony owns a sporting goods store and sells fins. He had never used one and said he now will go ape on them. He also said he had never seen hooks as deadly as the ones on my fins.

I told them when they got into the boat that the baits were extremely dangerous and that they will not only hunt you, but hurt you bad. We had 3 on at a time consistently.

June 4th. Smallmouth 002.JPG

We just had a perfect morning with the cloud cover and the slight chop. I tried to tell them, I did nothing, this was a gift and I could not have been happier for some fine folks to unwrap it.

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