Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock Lake fishing report, May 7

Posted by Phil Lilley on May 8th, 2013
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Sunday with good friend and client John Dickerson.  John had friend Paul and we had to work abit at first, but sucked it up and put the boat in the wind and cold and caught their rears.  Paul led the way but we put close to 40 fish in the boat with maybe 12 keeps.  We had the Table Rock Slam with one of everything.  ‘We fished the Dam area from point 2 and there about.  All our fish came on the 4 inch smoke copper grub.  Most time I had the boat in 40ft.  Fish were suspended and on the bottom in the 16 to 23 ft. range and ate our grub with gusto, as long as we were in the coldest locations we could find.

Taney on Monday with Stef and Jean Steffon long time friends from St. Louie and then today back on the Rock out of Shell Knob.

Picked up Brian, John and Chandlert at the Timbers Cove.  and fished a 6 hr. tour.  We used the same grub and fished the same type of water, keeping the boat in at least 30.  No wind high sky and flat water did not help, but we caught them anyway.  37 bass 5 crappie and 2 gogs with 10 solid Shell Knob Keeps.  Fished from the Timbers up to about Cedar Creek.

We looked for wind.  When we could find a riffle, we caught fish.  Most on transitions leading into spawing pockets.  All our fish the last two days had not spawned and were full to the gills with eggs getting ready for the deal.  Water temps at the start were 57.4 and at the end 59.8.

Had my first fin fish of the season a 15.5 inch LM that sucked in the fin.

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