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Babler’s Table Rock Lake Patterns April 2-7, 2013

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 2nd, 2013
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With well below average air temperatures forecasted this week, the rock should not change much from her current patters. In the past few days I have fished most lake sections and here is just a bit of what I believe will go on into early next week. Again for the most part, I don’t think this is going to be a huge numbers fishery, unless you find a bunch of fish on a point or two up the Kings River. It is for sure right now out fishing the rest of the lake, on numbers. Most of the rest of the lake is producing size but not tons of quantity.

Fished Long Creek yesterday morning and the water was really a nice aqua marine, with surface temps early at 55 degree. Warmest water I have found on Table Rock for a early morning start. Messed with the whites a bit, but nothing, so I started slow rolling a Wareagle blade and fished it for about an hour thinking about the post from the Kings River of the person catching them their. Nothing. Switched to a Megabass and went back over some of the same staging type locations and immediately started catching them on an elegy bone sticker.

had 5 LM all keepers before I headed in really only fishing for bass for an hour.

Long Creek to point 9. Yes this is a big area, but it is also being thrown into a whole because it is HARD, HARD, HARD. Spoke with some of my Big Cedar guide buddies and they are more than struggling. Also others fishing out of Kimberling City are having a tough go of it. Few Big fish but no numbers, mostly coming on the rig. Yes we have read some reports of people catching them in the Indians, but you hear 10 extremely poor reports for every good one. Again locations and timing is the key. I know Mike Webb had a 11 pound plus fish in the dam area, yesterday on a Alabama Rig. This area gets good when the tube and swimming the grub gets going and right now, it is not in the arsenal.

Point 9 up the James to Point 12 including Aunts Creek, has been another fishery that is producing very nice quality fish but not huge numbers. Again here stick baits and A-Rigs are the key. Locations are of the utmost importance here with not even thinking of fishing just to be fishing, but selecting locations based on staging and weather patterns. TRANSITIONS are more than important here and if you don’t know what a transition bank looks like after all we have put on this forum you never will.

Point 9 to Mouth of the Kings River. This area has as much visible timber as any lake section we have. Being able to fish cedar and standing pole time at the mouth of major coves in this area has led to some monster weights being brought to the scales in recent tournaments. There is also a numbers bite to some extent here but covering ground is the most important. Again look for the transition areas, in the Big Creek region of the lake.

Kings River. Perhaps right now this is the nerve center of the entire Table Rock White River area. The Kings really has been no warmer than any other lake section, but the fish as usual really get started up here. Best baits here have really been any you want to soak, from blades to jigs. I have been in the Kings River extensively for most of the last month. Still for me the best bait for numbers regardless of where you are in the Kings River, from 86 hwy to the mouth has been the suspending jerk bait. My best numbers are coming on it. Best size without a doubt has been on the A-Rig I have caught fish here from shallow to suspended on the stick bait, but my A-Rig fish have come deep. Most suspended above the trees on transitions in the 30′ range. Lots of young stuff up on the bank however and have really had some good trips on either a wart or a Flicker Shad.

Kings to Holiday Island. For me here I have to be very selective on locations. Not a lot of fish on anything that I have been fishing here, mainly channel swings with deep water near spawning pockets. A-Rig for sure has beat anything. I have caught them as deep here off the bluffends as 30′ and as shallow as 4′. Most of the fish I am catching here really want that deep water present. Wind in this section as been very important, and being the first boat on a location has been important. I like to milk run fish this time of the year,as I think they replenish with staging fish. Has not worked here. On a good location, I catch two or three, and it seems there are not do overs, it is done for the day. Even switching baits and presentations does not seem to matter. Just the first deal there is the deal.

Stay in constant movement lake wide and catch them where you find them quickly and move to the next locations. By this I mean, when you are on them, don’t screw around. Fish the best locations and don’t try and expand them to bank running, just move to the next good rock or river transition and fish it a 100 yards. or so and skiddaddle.

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