Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, March 28

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 29th, 2013
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Kimberling City, Missouri 3-28-13 Whiteriver Outfitters Guide Service

Very seldom do you put back to back days together, and especially this year as we have not been able to get out two days in a row, but we did finaly make it.

Picked Don up at Aunts Creek at 7 this morning to a 47 degree air temp, fully 30 degrees warmer than yesterday.  Surface temps today in the Mid-James River stayed pretty close to 47.5 to 48 degree.  Water is a perfect color, for just about anything you want to do.  About 8 ft. of visibility.

Don had been wanting to see how I fish a stickbait and my setup, but he also wanted to capture some so we went with the sticker and the Rig.  Most locations we fished with the stickbait and then switched to a Pigsticker A-Rig for the final clean up.

Don boated 10 fish with 6 keepers up to that beautiful 8 pounder he is proudly hefting.  His best 5 would be pushing 23, so we had a great day as far as weights, and a pretty average day as far as number of fish.  This has really been a typical day for lots of tournament fishermen. 5 or 6 great big ones and then maybe  a short or two, and not a ton of fish.  That was us today.

But when you catch fish like this, what can you say.

Don Hensley 002.JPG

Don’s first fish on our first locations, was a very nice 17 inch K that he tricked on the megabass French Pearl.  He followed it with the 8 pounder and the hits just kept on a commin.

We mostly fished bluffends and transitions, from bluff to chunk rock mixed with gravel.  Helped if there was a big spawning pocket adjacent to the bluffend.  Just nice transition stuff on the channel side and for sure some pole timber never hurts.

Nots lots of fish per location, but again with that type of quality it was just great.  King’s River is by far producing better numbers, but Mid-to Lower James ande the point 9 to point 5 mark are producing way better staging females.

Don Hensley 003.JPG

Today Don ran the new Lews Super Duty.  This reel was built for the A-Rig and handles Big Line,  Big Baits and Big Fish in a very compact palm package.  For sure without a doubt this type of equipment paired with a  7’6″ Falcon Mike McC. Heavy Cover jig rod made a deadly combination for Table Rock Monster Bass.

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Good Luck

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