Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, October 25

Posted by Phil Lilley on October 25th, 2012
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Did not get on the water till 9:30 and fished some suspended trees right off the bat with a spook. Most people have their boats between where I was fishing and these trees and the bank. Looks like I’m casting into an abis. First run with the spook on 68 degree water was a slam and a very nice keeper K. there were 3 following him in trying to snatch the spook from his upper jaw. All looked to be cookie cutter Shell Knob Keeps at about 16″.

Have not seen this often, but those 3 other chasers just dropped to about 20 feet and sat under the boat. I unhooked the spook fish and dropped a spoon and caught one immediately. I could see every move they were making. All three shot up at the spoon. I was wrong, this one was a very nice K, better than the usual Knobber. Probably 2.75 pounds. The other 2 scrammed but that was fun.

Pulled up to the deep trees, with the boat in 75′ and the tops at about 30. Dropped the spoon and nothing. I could see some fish in the limbs, so I dropped the Yamamoto 4″ cuttail in PBJ to them and it was on again. Caught 3 nice fish, all Keepers. I have not been out for 30 minutes and I got a derby limit in the boat.

Think they were bitin! This continued until 2:30 when I left the water after 4 calls from Becky to come and play with her and take her to Arkansas and see the leaves. Hated to leave, but it was fun driving to Ponca and eating at the Low Gap Cafe. Magnificent restaurant. colors are simply beautiful. Saw Elk and Deer.

Caught fish on a spook, dropshot, spoon, jig, carolina rig, swimbait, and before I came in with the wind howling on a nice cedar tree bank, I missed a nice black on a SB. He tried to eat it twice but I was a knucklehead and jerked it away from him twice.

Think they are firing up right before this front. Hope it holds thru the weekend. 30 to 42 was just a super depth for me today with lots of shad there either on the bottom or suspended at that depth, weather on the flats or points. Lots and lots of fish in the deep trees. Seems to me a nice fish on most every deep tree you fish, but just one or two. They were biting yesterday.

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