Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, August 26

Posted by Bill Babler on August 26th, 2012
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Last few days for me have been a Whole Lot Tougher. No Walleye, No Catfish, and a lot smaller and less K’s. I am blaming the cloudy conditions. I have been catching my fish locked to the bottom and when it gets overcast they tend to wonder in the water column.

Had a 6hr. trip yesterday with Danny and Tiffeny from Arkansas. Had a decent morning. First location we had one jaw, moved to a runnout in 32′ and had 15 bass with 3 doubles and 8 keepers of pretty good quality Not much for about the next 3 hrs. except one short here and there. Finished up on the same runnout we had done well on earlier and finished with 3 more including another double.

I have been seeing lots of bait and lots of hooks under the bait and lots of worming activity thru the bait from the bottom. Absolute nothing the last 3 days. I am not even seeing the fish we are catching very good. I think the fish we tricked were very tight to the bottom and only a couple or so in a group. The group deal has been the best for me. Bill reported they caught most all the singles they saw today up in the water column. Said they bit a dropshot worm much better than a crawler, and they for sure at times will.

Bill had a pretty good day today with 35 plus bass and 1 kitty. He has also lost the walleye, and again I think the cloud cover is allowing the fish to pull up on structure. Bill reported catching fish on structure as deep as 48′ and as shallow as 28′ so it seems to be a pretty wide swath.

Surface temp has gone to 80 degree.

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