Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, Aug 13

Posted by Bill Babler on August 13th, 2012
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Met up with Rod and Will Sanders at Eagle Rock this morning just before the first Roster Crowded, and headed down stream. Handy place to meet these regular clients that come out of Bentonville. Have been taking Will since he was about 2ft. tall and as you can see he has grown a might.

Really if you will put your thinking cap on the Upperend right now from Eagle Rock to Baxter is all fishing pretty much the same and that is OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!!

Yesterday Beck Launched at Baxter and fished to Campbell Point, putting over 50 spotted bass, 5 kittys and 5 walleye in the Phoenix 921. Said he used close to 150 crawlers. Who in the world carries that many. I wish I would have today.

Surface temp this morning was 83 with a pool of 909.6 and water clarity in the 12′ to 15′ range. My graph shows the thermocline at 32 to 36 ft. at Big M. Fished 3 locations on the White River today and caught and released close to 50 spotted bass, big crappie, 1/2 dozen white bass and put 3 walleye in the boat with 2 keepers. Had 2 real toad eye’s cut the line at the boat. Boys got a bit excited and were a keeping them on to tight of a leash.

Again, with that spoon I managed to kill one of the nicer eyes and the crappie. We kept 1 other white bass for a total of 3 victims. If a fellow is good with that spoon right now, that is really all you need in the boat. The biggest walleye that I caught on the spoon and released had 3 baby Kentucky bass in its mouth that it spit on the deck. Most of the K’s were just full of shad, fry. About 1 inch max. long. Also caught several K’s that had 4 inch Kentucky young of the year down the hatch. Seems they are feeding on them about as much as the shad. If I were a bass fry I’d stay off the runouts and bluffends and move to the backs of the pockets. I believe the reason they are out there is that there is no longer any shoreline cover for them to hide. This could be a real bad thing for this years hatch.

Guys, I never suggest this but now is the time to do it. With the bass chasing such small fry on top they seem to have no use for a topwater bait. Couple of suggestions. First, pull into the school and drop that 1/2 spoon. You will see them all over the graph, and they will hit the spoon with relish. Second. They will also eat a float-n-fly right now. Put the 1/32nd. oz jig about 6′ under the float and throw it into the school with the chasing fish and bang the float and see what happens. They will eat it. Jig is the same size as the dime size shad.

Also have you noticed the large ammount of Great Blue Herons on the shorelines. These predators are around the Rock in numbers that I cannnot ever remember seeing. I believe pickings are pretty easy for them with no shoreline cover and this low water. Tadpoles, crayfish and fry of the year are in real trouble with all the birds of prey.

Thats all for now from beautiful Eagle Rock, Missouri

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