Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, August 8

Posted by Bill Babler on August 9th, 2012
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Got a real good perspective of the Rock the past 3 days and have been on the majority of the White River section. I’ll Start with the report from Table Rock Dam to Point 9.

Level 909.8
Clarity Lake wide 15′ visibility
Surface Temp 87

Early seems to be the best as usual. Been starting at 0600. Some of the guides are finding a topwater bite early in the vicinity of the State Park, but this area has been crowded so I have been fishing from Combs Ferry up the White River.

Fish for me have been on the steeper bluffends and chunky Knarley points. Both suspended and on the bottom in the 28′ to 42′ range. We have been catching some thumper Jaw’s and some very nice 17 inch K’s. Crawlers and that expensive Yamamoto 4″ purple cuttail have been by far the best with the spoon a close third. We are catching most of the Walleye on the spoon. I am really sold on the Cabelas Real Image and I put a No. 4 Diiachi Death trap on it. It gives them a real nice Ouchie.

Point 9 to Mouth of the Kings-

This lake section has been as good as any on the Rock and it usually is from July thru October. Lots of Humps and deep runnouts and channel swings. Most are holding fish. Depth in this lake section has been in and around to 30′ to 38′ range and the best bite here is on crawlers, nothing else is coming close. These fish have had lots of play, and if it ain’t wigglin they are not having it so much. Lots of guide activity here for that reason they are biting.

This section has also produced the most Walleye of any for the past few weeks, and also just about the best catfish bite we have had here in a few years. Not uncommon for these guides and their clients to catch 1/2 dozen kitty’s up to 15 pounds per day. Nothing special, just dangling crawlers for K’s.

Note to RPS ( You have my permission to expand your comfort zone, and move down the lake. Might me a good time next week with school starting everywhere and the majority of the wake boats off the lake during the week.) This area is a ski zone and usually will rattle your guts out if out past 7 or 8 in the AM. Not so much starting next week. Rick Lisek had 3 big keeper walleye this morning and 2 others get off at the boat, so they are doing very well here.

Kings River to Rock Creek on the White River

Best topwater action the past week, but they are picky. Threadfin shad are about the size of a dime so you got to thing small or for that matter just drop a crawler of a jigging spoon thru them for better success than the top. Walleye here have been on the steeper stuff, most usually located just to the insides of the major lake bluffend cove mouths. 26′ to 36′. I think the Walleye bite for me has slowed down, but the K bite was good today. Started out on Viney Creek and had 1 on a Swimmer and we missed 1/2 dozen. Denny and Champ 188 waved us in on some schooling fish and we caught 2 here both on a grub. Moved to Emerald beach and caught 3 on a crawler. Moved on down the White and caught 5 on a spoon and 3 on a crawler on a little flatter stuff in the 28′ to 36′ range and then caught 2 on separate bluffendds. Crawler.

Fished 3 docks and caught 1 off one and 2 off the other 2 on a spoon and Yamamoto cuttail.

Had noticed some fish working a long flat that we pasted earlier in the morning. I had something in mind and blew them off. Back to the old addage, “Neve leave Fish to Find Fish” Noticed some fish still working that runnout and hit the jackpot. Used over 2 dozen crawlers here and caught about 24 on the combination of the spoon-cuttail and the crawler. These were quite abit shallower. Most in the under 25′ range. Also caught a huge Gill here and would just guess the flat would be a bonanza for the cricket man.

Called it quits at 10:30 a.m.

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