Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, July 25

Posted by Bill Babler on July 25th, 2012
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Fished the dam area today putting in a State Park ramp at 0500 Still abit on the dark side but good enough. Today, I am going to give you each spot that John my client and I caught fish on. “Or, There Abouts.”

Surface temp at the start was at 87 degree with water clarity very clear. Lake at 910.9

First location was the Spillway. Started out on the middle bouy and fished out to about 50 feet, using crawlers on the bottom. I was using a Yamamoto purple/brown 4″ cut tail and John was on Crawlers.

I caught a short Smallmouth on the first drop at 35′ and John shortly had a small K at the same depth. Drifted around abit more waiting for better light to run and then headed over to Combs Ferry. Pulled in off the point in 25 and drifted in the 25′ to 40′ range for about an hour, catching 2 big bluegill and 4 very nice keeper K’s. 3 of them out of a piece of brush, at 35′. All fish were on the bottom.

Moved up the lake to Panarama Point, very tricky location to fish due to lots of timber. Saw no fish on the graph, and here you are fishing for suspenders. Looked from 50′ to 100′ over trees, and nada.

Moved to Kennel Branch and fished the middle hump on the long flat runnout. Caught 2 very nice K’s in 35′ on the cuttail worm. John missed one on the crawler. Saw Pete Wenners and he was doing about the same, 1 here and 1 there.

Moved to the center pin in Cow Creek and started at 30′ and worked out to about 50. John had 4 nice crawler fish here, all keepers. All on the bottom in 35′ Seems it was the magic number.

Moved to the middle hump at Point 5 and John caught 2 keeper K’s and 2 catfish all on the bottom at 35′ on crawlers. My cuttail didn’t work here.

Moved to one of the long flat points just up stream from Point 5 as saw fish as soon as I shut the motor off. This is a great point and they were there. Mostly at 42′ on the bottom and suspended up “Worming.” John caught several here on a crawler and I didn’t fish. Was busy taking his off.

I will get a bit vague on this next spot, as it is a tournament dock. Since we are not derbing right now, we dropshotted it. 16 fish off the shady side and in the front stall on a crawler and a cuttail. Fish were suspended at about 35′ over 80′ on the front of the dock. This dock always holds fish. When I have two clients it is hard, but with one, it is a blast.

Off the water by 09.30, fantastic day.

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