Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake Fishing Report Baxter To Big Creek Area

Posted by Bill Babler on July 17th, 2012
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What a total difference a day makes. Seemed to be the same sort of day today,however there was a little less wind and a little brighter. Still not bad. After the butt beatin I took yesterday I was just a little on the leary side when I started out today. I was however armed with a little more intel and a much better set of ammunition.

Does not happen often, and I will for sure tip my hat to Mr. Keith Gimlin. KG called me last night to say he had fished pretty much in the same water as me yesterday and had done very well with close to 20 fish and 3 keepers. Not only did he call to tell me how but also where and what on. Good Golly!!! Have a hard time getting that kind of info. out of Denny and Champ, let alone a total stranger. We did have a common bond as we are both C Of O grads. Knew that would pay off some day.

Keith, I tried your stuff from 5:30 till about 6 AM. Picked up the boys at Big Creek and smoked it down there. It was pretty calm when we came onto the location, and we fished from the bend in the back corner out thru the two docks we discussed. Sorry for me today as they must have loaded up yesterday or I was messing it up. We did have one really nice K there on the first cast and I thought gosh this is swell. That was the kit and cabottle.

Really appreciate you going out of the way to help though it was very nice of you.

Went back into Trace Hollow and caught 5 suspended in 25 or 55 and then moved back up the lake toward Big Creek. Just could not believe i could not get bit on some of my usual stuff and bowed my neck and started in. Today we had Night Worms and were not afraid to use them. Big Pulmp Fat ones.

I think yesterday I was fishing a little to shallow as today as I drifted a point in the same depth I had been fishing I came off the end and all of a sudden the graph had a serious fish attack. Marks started screaming everywhere. Singles, Doubles, Triples, and even some Quads. Found the right kind of structure and depth line and it was deeper, out to 48ft,. Best depth in the 36 ft. range, fully 10 deeper than Thrusday or Friday. These fish had moved out big time. Most on the bottom, but some suspended.

I’m going to guess we had today 40 plus fish with a solid 20 keepers. Nothing big or a monster by any means, but lots of 15 to 16 inch fish. What a total shock from yesterday. One triple and at least 3 doubles. Used 48 crawlers, and 15 Yamamoto 4″ cuttail dropshot worms. Very few if under 5 worms that did not have a fish and caught multiple on each dropshot worm before it gave up the ship.

Yesterday I fished shallower with a completely different worm, No live bait. Buster gave me a tip on the worm selection, and was just spot on with his choice. Sometimes it works out this way.

As I have said a many a time, “The more you think you know, the less you really know about Table Rock Lake.”

Good Luck


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