Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, July 9

Posted by Bill Babler on July 9th, 2012
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Well, for sure Summer hit us hard last week, with lots of non-fishing activity on the water as it should be this time of the year.

Surface temps on the pond are ranging from 84 to 87 depending on your location and the time of day you are out there. Did go to the lake house at Shell Knob and go swimming yesterday. Water was great.

Water seems to be clearing and the greenish tinge is fading to our more normal blue. Just messing around on the dock yesterday and I could see about 12′ to 15′ down. Lake level at the 912 range, good to see lots of the cover and refile it in the old log book.

Fishing for the most part for most of us guide types has been an early morning affair. It is really hard after 10 AM to get bit.

Fish have been in some parts of the lake on certain days, and “Don’t ask me the day or why.” Have been schooling and chasing big time. Go there the next day and nothing but shad everywhere. Don’t know if they feed up and then take the next day off or not.

Dock bite has been about as good as anything and also the deep tree bite is coming on. With the clarity or lack there of there has also b een aa really good shallow jig or crankbait bite, in under 20′ of water.

Most all the bite with the exception of the dock bite has been early. The dock bite however gets better during the higher sun periods of the day if you can fish them without bouncing out of the boat.

White bass have totally dissapeared, but have been hearing of all things of a trolling bite that is catching quality walleye and lots of trophy size LM up the Kings River. On a very reliable source, folks are trolliing A-Rigs and catching lots of fish from Viola up. Best depth seems to be the 25 to 35 ft. range, and this bite is also an early morning bite.

Dam area has been fishing pretty hard, but a guest at the Lodge this past weekend caught and realeased 8 keepers one day and 7 another day, mostly fishing a big 3/4 oz jig on bluffends. He said he only had 1 jaw, 2 k’s and the rest LM with a really nice 4 pounder anchoring the string both days. He thought they were 20-30 feet on the pretty steep stuff. Said he lost about a dozen jigs on hangups, he thought in deep trees, out off the ends. Said he had several fish when he was bringing the jig back to the boat to recast.

The best deal I have found is fishing the deep pockets to suspended fish. I am depending on my clients ability or lack there of on weather I am fishing a dropshot worm or a crawler. Most of my fish have been coming in these pockets in the 20′ range over what ever depth. Lots of shad in the Baxter area, especially in the Big Indian.

Had a single client one day last week, just Smoke me out of the back of the boat dragging a jig in 25 ft. He never would recast, just threw it straight out back of the boat and I was throwing it at shore and working it back. He caught 5 in a row on me at one point, just strolling the jig, while I plied different depth, he was fishing the same 25 to 32 ft. range and they were there.

Lots of very quality Jaw’s on the jig and hula grub.

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