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Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, June 28

Posted by Bill Babler on June 28th, 2012
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Table Rock is just now starting to show some wear and tear from a long Spring and really a Zero Winter season. Tournament weights are going down and the number of fish being caught is also going down.

3 trips on Table Rock this week, fishing out of Kimberling City and Baxter, mid-lake. Surface temps in the 84 to 87 degree range and water clarity running about 8 to 10ft. Lake Levels at 912.4 and seem to be slightly dropping.

Depending on the day, and I cannot explain it the white bass can either be a great asset or a complete bust. For all species on the Rock, Power generation is right now not a must, but makes a total difference in both numbers and size of the fish we are catching.

1 day at the first of the week, we saw white’s everywhere we went from Joe Bald to Campbell Point. They would hit a spoon most of the morning, thrown into the pack and slowly retrieved. That is the only day they were up. Tuesday was fantastic Bass Fishing on the Rock. We had 28 fish with 12 very nice keeps. Mostly Jaw’s, with a splattering of K’s. Most all our fish came in 15 ft. on either shelf rock or interior secondary mix gravel and chunk rock points. We used what we are calling a Huleo- Hula gruib on a 3/8oz. FB head.

Yesterday we had a topwater bite early,waiting for the Whites to blow. We had 14 topwater fish but no quality. White bass did not come to the dance. Tried a little dropshotting, but the fish were completely off my 28′ mark and most we found were suspended up at 20 over out to 45 on the flats. I believe Bill’s clients did better, using crawlers, we were soft plastic users.

Ended yesterday morning with 20 fish but only 3 keeps, one being a solid 4 pound Jaw. Due to size of the group, it didn’t seem very good, but it was action. On the water both days before 5 AM, and off before 10 AM. Lots and lots of X Boats on the water, beware.

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