Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock fishing report, June 18

Posted by Bill Babler on June 19th, 2012
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Have now had close to 130 days on the water this year, between Taney and the Rock. Back and forth a bunch. Keeps me out of trouble and off the computer. I am on a first name basis with Tackle Warehouse.

Table Rock this morning is in the low 913’s and if we don’t get rain it will be moving on down. Taney needs the water to keep the fish going and it has really been coming thru sparingly. Water is still off color with the Algie bloom and the surface temps have risen to 83 degree, in the dam area.

If I’m on the Rock, I’m trying to start by no later than 5:15 AM. Bite really falls off for me after about 9 AM.

First deal in the mornings I have forsaken my beloved topwater and am throwing a Swimbait or a big Crank. Has worked very well for me and I’m catching far better fish on this than I have in years past on the topwater junk.

Fished the dam this morning and our first fish was a very nice 3 Plus pound Meanmouth. Followed it up with a 4 pound plus Jaw and 4 other keeps, including a LM. Caught 2 on a Spro-Little John, and 4 on the Swimmers. I’m thinking about 16 pounds for the best 5.

Had the boat in 26 ft. throwing in. Caught the big Jaw in the same place I lost the big fish last week.

All of this by 6 AM and then it got tough. Went fishless for about two hours trying to throw a jig, and then went to the dropshot. Had 8 dropshot fish, nothing huge, but all keepers. We did not have a short fish this morning, and that should tell me something, but I can’t think of what. Dropshot fish were for us at 36 ft. in the Point 5 area. We fished some docks and some runnout points at that depth. All our dropshot fish came off the bottom. Pretty nice keeper K’s, all on a Chompers 4″ cinnamon purple dropshot worm. Best of the Lot were in the 16.5 inch range.

I’m going to tell you right now, 14 keepers in 4 hrs. is what I call a SUPERDAY. Seemed slow because we went dry for a two hour period, but give and take, I’ll take that in a morning.

Spoke to several guys that stayed out till noon, and said they just beat their heads against it from about 9AM on and should have come in.

Follow up comment by Denny from the forum:

Was fishing a runoff this morning and had a small blowup 50 yards from me. Went over to them and they had went down so I dropped a spoon down and it had went 15 ft a spot hit it. Dropped down 7 times with 7 fish, 3 spots and 4 whites. On the eighth drop I caught this guy, a 6 or 7 pound drum. I guess thats my first drum on Table Rock that I can remember. Had to get off the troller while getting that drum in, what with having to go to the back of the boat to get the net. It blew me off of the mother load and I couldnt find them again. Felt like an idiot not being able to find them again. All 3 of the spots were keepers. My weekend fishing was fair to poor as most of my fish i caught were short with the exception of dropshot and spoon fish. Top water bite was poor as having only 1 or 2 each morning. Had 0 on top today. Dragging a tube got me bit but like I said most were short. On the water at 5.15 off no later than noon, mainly because of weekend boat traffic. Today I was off at 9.00 . Saw Bill today and said howdy. Its tougher than it needs to be for this lake fishing small.

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