Table Rock Lake

Babler’s Table Rock bass fishing report, May 9

Posted by Bill Babler on May 9th, 2012
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Listen to Bill’s audio fishing report by clicking HERE.

Point 22 Area, White River Arm.  Dave and I hit the pond at 5:45 this morning and ran right into a topwater swrae. Dave is particular about his gear and had wanted me to rig a fin on his 7′ loomis spinner. He has a Shimano Stella and had it spooled with 8 pound trilene. I hesitated to put my modified high dollar Fin on such a light rig, but he told me he had caught and had no trouble with Northern Pike up to 28 pounds on it.

Like a fool, I put it on for him as the customer is always right.”Right.” First fish was a monster and it took the fin about the time it hit the water. Crazy deal. It pulled drag, and came unbuttened. The fin floated to the top and it or another monster slammed it again and it came off. Dave reeled it to just off the boat and the Big Blackie, I’m guessing at 7 pounds up, snapped the Fin and 8 inches off the Loomis rod and was gone, right at the boat.

The explosion was massive and the fish threw water into his face for spite while breaking the rod and stealing the fin. I told him that gear was no match for post spawn Table Rock Monsters, and he believes me now.

Topwater fish bite was over on the high blue by 8 AM but the fish suspended on the no breeze day and made it tough.

Right before we quit at Noon, they finally hit the bottom and we caught some jig fish.

Enlarge this pic, and tell me I am using the wrong jig. I have never seen anythings.

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