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Fishing Report From Cape Fair Marina

Posted by Cape Fair Marina on April 23rd, 2012
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Fishing is pretty good but the spawn is coming to an end for the crappie and black bass and white bass. Still the crappie are biting good, but have change their ways and mostly backed off the shore line and are now 5 to 10 feet off the banks and as usual really near any type of wood structure. Minnows still are the best go to bait simply because they hang up less than jigs. There was some female crappie brought in that still had eggs, so they’re still out there.

Black bass have about finished their spawn too. Friday night tournament this week took 17 pounds and a little over to win first place and second place was almost 14 pounds. We had 21 boats entered in Sunday’s bass tournament and some good weights showed up. The bass (Males) are hungry after staying on the nest and guarding the eggs and bass fry and have been hitting crank baits late in the evenings and senkos and flukes close to the shore in the mornings. It won’t be long before the females get rested up and go on a feeding spree of their own.

White bass are over their spawn but are still working the gravel points and gravel banks and there is still some big white bass being caught on road runners and by trolling medium size crank baits. They can still be caught on top waters when they chase a school of shad up and blast them. So keep a top water handy.

Now the catfish is a different story as the guys are hungry and have moved to the banks to feed and start looking for nest sites. Gold fish and perch on limb lines and trot lines are doing well and just plain old bank fishing with stink baits will get some good channel cats.

The big old perch are getting ready to go to their nest and boy there is some big old perch around the marina cove and close by coves. Get some night crawlers and catch some good eating.

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