Table Rock Lake

Babler’s fishing report, March 26

Posted by Bill Babler on March 28th, 2012
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Good Golly and Jeepers Creeper, the Rock has gone to Heck in a Handbasket.  Guided my beloved Shell Knob this morning with great guy Dan, staying a Big Creek Resort. Dumped the tub in the swamp at 6:30 and pretty much should have kept it on the trailer.

Water in the Big Creek to Baxter Area, slightly dingy with floating debris in the way of leaves and very small pesky debris.
Surface temp at 62 degree and lake level at 918.6.

Lake surface was as flat as a cast iron griddle and the flags hung as limp as a. Well they were pretty limp and there was not a speck of breeze.

I’m sure Dan thought I was a mad man cause I ran and hunted chasers and breeze most of the morning. Started in a timbered pocket after seeing a boil or two. I had 3 on a fin with 1 nice keeper and Dan had 3 on a fin. They self released before we could get a mitt on them, so don’t know about size.

Threw a grub and only caught one short here after they gave the fin up, and then we went to a split shot. Caught a nice keeper K in the same pocket.

Blew out of Big Creek and saw a ripple of wind on a 45 degree bank. Wheeled the buggy on to the slight choppy bank and we both started flinging the cage. I caught a 14.5 inch K here and the little breeze there was blew out.

Moved up toward Shell Knob, and hit pretty muddy water, just past Basin Hollow. Pulled into Mill Creek and caught another K on the Split shot and off we went again checking some cuts back toward Big Creek. Dan caught a short K on the split shot in one of the cuts.

Moved clear up to Baxter and took a number to fish. There was a pay station you had to leave money and get a number to fish any of the banks in the Baxter Indian creek area. Just jammed with wrapped boats.

Reguradless Dan picked up 1 Goggle Eye, my first of the year, and a Meanmouth and a nice Keeper Jaw, all swimming the grub. Moved into the creek, and I caught a short on a grub and then fishing a very nice bluffend caught a big fat K that was just short, but it fought like a tiger. Probably more like a JayHawk as it put up a fight. “Gosh that hurt to say.”

That was pretty much our morning, but from I hear tell from the boys, it might have been steller. I thought it was hard but really enjoyed Dan’s company. Hope he enjoys the rest of his week.

Good Luck out there.

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