Table Rock Lake

Babler’s fishing report, 3/1-2/12

Posted by Bill Babler on March 2nd, 2012
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Got on the water at 6:15 AM with a launch out of Baxter and headed up the White. Air Temp was a balmy 31 degree and the water surface temp was at 48 degree.

Really a fantastic and beautiful morning. Did not get a bite untill 8:30 guess they were as cold as I was.

Started fishing deep roll-offs where major cove point dumped into the guts or the main channel, just good old staging locations. Nothing. I could see fish and bait, but just could not get them to hit the Rig, or a sticker. Wish I would have had the floater as I did see lots of gull and shad on the surface.

Decided to go into Big Creek, and immediatly caught 2 LM on a channel swing bank in there. Nothing to brag about but I was on the board.

Moved out and immediatly caught 2 fish shallow on the rig, throwing a channel 45 degree chunk rock bank. Both were keeps and fat as toad K’s

That is my umteenth double on the silly thing

Moved up the white about 9 AM above Campbell Point, and started catching them pretty regular. One of my favorite long runout points just happend to have this dandy 7.6 pound sow suspended at 20 over 90 ft., just thinking about moving back in the pocket.

Water continued to warm and I continued to catch one here and there. Mostly fishing long points and bluffends. On the points had my boat about 40 throwing in and on the bluffends I was sitting over the abis.

Trolling motor decided it wanted to play tough as I had lost a bolt in the lift, so cut the day short while I was still catching em.

Out again tomorrow with Brent Frazee of the KC Star. Hope it works out as well as today.

3/2 addition:

Had a very good day today with Brent Frazee of the Kansas City Star. He is their outdoor writer and has supported our area for over 30 yrs. Just a wonderful guy.

He wanted to do a feature spread on the Alabama Rig “Of Course.” So on a day that saw us starting at6:30 AM with a air temp of 67 degree and ending up at 2 PM with an air temp of 44 degrees, it was a challange at best.

Did manage to trick 19 with 9 solid keeps, all on the rig. Biggin today at just under 4 pounds. Had one of the prettiest fish I have ever caught and Brent took some photo’s of her. Just a fantastic Meanmouth.

We got lucky today and got the Table Rock Slam, of Black Bass. Largemouth, Smalljaw, Meanmouth,and Kentucky.

Really got lucky as the weather dictated we would pretty much struggle, but we just kept hanging on and would get one here and one there. Way better to be lucky than good.
Most fish was a 5 fish location on a chunk rock channel swing in front of two spawning pockets. Caught 3 there yesterday while I was prospecting. Fished 22 locations in the 8 hrs. Just complete hot spots and still skunked on 12 of them, so I hit about 50%.

The spread in the Sunday Outdoor section of the Star will Run March 11th. featuring the Alabama Rig.

If we had not been doing a deal on the rig, I would have fished the jig, as it seemed the fish were tight to structure and also we had over a dozen follow it in and leave it at the last second. Lots and lots of short hits, and scales on the hooks.


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