Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake Report, January 17, 2012

Posted by Bill Babler on January 17th, 2012
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Well it looks like the new year is off to a fish catching start on Table Rock Lake. Just a quicky on what seems to be taking place on this beautiful Monday Morning

Air Temp 62 degree
Lake wide surface temps vary from a high 0f 51 to a low of 44
Water Clarity is good to extremely clear depending on lake area you are fishing. River arms on Winter color and very good aqual marine. Main lake Shell Knob to Long Creek is Clear.

Crappie seem to have slowed down a mite and moved deeper. Where 2 weeks ago they were under 10′, it seem lake wide they have dropped to 10 to 20 ft. River arms being the best with the dock bite having slowed down considerably.

Dam area all three species of Black Bass would be considered fair on either a dock bite on a spoon or a jig bite. There is also a spoon bite in the deep cove mouths and guts.
1/2 oz jigging spoon in either chrome, chartreuse or white seem to be getting very good attention.

From Point 9 up the bite is fair in the James and White Rivers on either a stick bait or a A-Rig off the bluffend points and on the channel swings and secondary points

Both the James and Kings Rivers and any of the major creeks up the White River are fishing very well on an A-Rig, Stick bait or a Wart. Some of the major creeks up the white are excellent on the wart. Color is of your choice.

Fished the KIngs last week to the tune of 20 keeps and 35 fish using the above mentioned fodder. Trip was from 7 AM till about 1 PM, but not a bite after 11 AM. Caught all my fish off 5 spots, and blanked on at least a dozen other locations. Seem to have to have lots of bait present.

Water temps at the mouth of the Kings and up the White is in the 48-51 range and if you can get a bit of wind, slow rolling a wihte spinnerbait is also very very good.

Fish seem to be very active and last week I saw several shad being pushed to the surface. Bass are still jumping when hooked so the water temps are keeping them feeding alot and very active.

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