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Crappie Report – James River Arm

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 26th, 2011
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Bill Babler, his son Stephen and I headed out from Aunt’s Creek this morning about 10:30 a.m. in search of pan fish – white bass or crappie.  Bill said some of his comrades had been catching some white on flats in 30-40 feet of water on the bottom.

Heading up in the creek arm, we boated about 4 miles and stopped in an area Bill called School House.  We thought we found some whites on the depth finder and they may have been whites but they weren’t interested in our spoons.  Big needle nose gar were popping on the surface all around us and I snagged one with my spoon.  Bill hooked and landed one largemouth but that was it.  We moved.

We hit a few more flats and again saw big schools of shad and what looked to be game fish but no bites.  Then we turned our attention to crappies and the docks.

I knew of one dock I’d caught crappie on last winter so we went over and tried it.  It was on the bluff bank and the dock had 60 feet of water under it.  We tossed our white/chartreuse grubs in the stall and dropping no more than 6 feet we got bit.  Crappie!  Didn’t have to measure these beauties, they were slabs!  We landed a half dozen and moved on down the bluff bank thinking we’d find more around some trees but didn’t.

We headed back towards Aunts to try a few more docks we’d eyed on the way there.  We hit 2 more docks and caught crappie in both.  Again, they were less than 10 feet deep–some were as shallow as 3 feet.  Bill actually saw one crappie take his jig.  We’d switched to white 1/8th oz chrome dome jigs- they dropped slower in the water then the larger jig heads and grubs.

We ended up with 20 keepers, back at the ramp by 12:45 p.m. and on the road to the lodge to catch the start of the Arkansas/LSU football game.  But had to take time to filet, fry and eat some fresh crappies for lunch — good start to the crappie winter season!!


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