Stockton Lake

Luckycraft’s Stockton Lake fishing report, April 11-12

Posted by Phil Lilley on April 13th, 2014
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Stockton April 12

A buddy and I had a great idea to go chase some crappie and whites at night on Stockton lake.  

Put in the Cedar ridge high point area at around 10 pm and fished up the little sac river arm first trolling flicker shad.  Switched to small jigs, small spinners and even small alabama rig.  Made it all the way to Aldrich up the river arm.  There was plenty of traffic in this area with several fires blazing and shore fisherman trying there hand.  There was definately activity as you could hear and see shad blowing up with whites in persuit.  Although the activity was all around us I couldn’t buy a bite.  I finally hooked what I assume was a white bass but managed to lose it right before the boat.  Gave up at 2 AM and motored to our starting point to take a little nap.

Woke up at 6 AM and my buddy wanted to target black bass.  We fished both directions both toward the main lake as well as up the river.  Again, no surprise chunk rock banks and points seemed to be the place to throw the Wiggle wart.  Great morning to be out, caught over 25 fish, with a lot of fish measuring at the 14.5″ to 14.75 range.  Did get into a larger fish measuring 19 inches that I assume weighed in the 3.5 pound range.  Got tired of fighting the wind and off the water by 11.


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