Stockton Lake

Stockton Lake fishing report, Sept 14-15

Posted by Phil Lilley on September 16th, 2013
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by 9LB on OA forum.  Got out Saturday morning and fished the points for bass. Caught a few on a jig and crankbait. Went walleye fishing and caught 3 shorts and 1 keeper on a jig and a worm fishing the flats by main river channel. I was fishing 18-22 feet. It seemed like everything stopped about 11 am.

Sunday morning I hit a few points with a Purple Jig and Purple craw and a Thunderstick top water bait and had a lot of fun.

Caught 6-7 bass off 3 different points. Once you think you are deep… go out another 20 feet. I was into them about 48 – 55 feet of water and caught fish in over 65 feet with the topwater. Nothing real big but a lot of fun. You would catch 6-7 and then they would just stop biting ? They were still there just could not get bit. The next 2 points the same happened so I was running a strike king 1.5 square bill after the topwater bite stopped and caught a few that way. The topwater caught most the fish but the purple jig and craw did it’s share of the dirty work. I also found some fish wiith the jig just inside points as long as it had a steep bank. Again on Sunday after 11 am it was like they just shut off. Saturday I fished a brown and orange jig and Sunday I went purple, the Purple seemed to be a better choice. I also caught a few bass Drop Shotting. I have NEVER fished this technique before. I used a small purple finesse worm and would see 10 or more lil 6 inch bass following it on nearly every cast so it definately had their attention. Caught 2-3 small bass on it. Neat rig I think it just takes some getting used to. I usually fish a Spook but it seemed like they wanted more action but not a big splash like a popper. The blades on that topwater would start spinning and it was really firing them up. 3 TREBLE hooks on that topwater so HOLY hooks.

My pliers got a workout.

I tried fishing down the river and up at the Dam and had 0 luck, I mean not a bite. Fished mainly between twin bridges and Hawker. A week or two of these cool evenings and it should be game on.

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