Stockton Lake

Bennett’s Stockton Lake fishing report, June 1

Posted by Phil Lilley on June 1st, 2013
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It has been a very busy spring. Been booked up about everyday, and as of now, booked thru the 1st week of July. I would change jobs but can’t find another one that I enjoy this much!!

Anyways, the water temp is 67 and clear. the level has been falling but will be rising by the time I finish typing this and you are reading.

Walleye are hot!! Caught more limits of walleye on more trips this year than any I can remember. Every once in a while it is a ittle tuff, but we still pick up a few eyes. They have been some really good sizes also, with most over 17″ and several over 19″. To catch walleye ut a crappie lead head or a pony head on a crappie rod with about 6lb test. you don’t need to do anything to fancy. just tip it with 1/2 crawler and drag it around on points in 14 to 20 foot of water. some days they bite so lite you will just feel weight on your rod, set the hook. Most everyone I have talked to has been catching good fish and everyone on trips have gotten walleye. It’s been an excellent spring so far!!

Crappie are biting, but I have been doing more walleye fishing. The spawn is over, or canceled is more like it. Most of the females are just absorbing the eggs and not laying them. This could really hurt fishing in the next 3 years, so if you don’t plan on eating ALL of the fish you keep, try letting a few go. Unless some of the fish got to spawn, it could get really tuff. trolling crankbaits in 40 foot of water is about the best way to catch keepers right now. flicker shad, bandits (stockton state park has them) or other small crankbaits work good. troll the about 1mph or less.

With all this rain, catfish will be excellent for the next couple of days. hotdogs, crawlers, livers, whatever you want, but just get way back into a creek, find the current and cast out. It works, they are there, and they are feeding. You will catch cats if you get back in there and try this.

Bass are moving out to points and hitting jigs and crankbaits in 5 to 20 foot of water. picking up some nice bass so have some fun with them.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. 417-637-BASS.

On a bad side, we had another drowning this week. Another windy day. I am just as guilty as everyone else, but we all have life jackets. We throw them on when running, but take them off when fishing and that is when we will end up in the water. Everyone of us knows that this will never happen to us, you know, were strong swimmers, we pay attention, etc. But never be ashamed to put on your life vest. Do it for your wife, kids, parents, or whoever will be standing on the dock waiting for water patrol to find you. It’s simply not worth it. Please keep an eye out around springfield cove, I don’t believe they have recovered the victim yet. We all need to learn how to respect this lake a little more. Don’t make someone you love go thru this, just put on the life jacket.

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