Stockton Lake

Crappie report

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 18th, 2012
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Got to Greenfield Access WAY TO EARLY- about 3 pm. Met friend Paul Crews from Neosho- he’d been fishing a while already. I’d never been on that part of Stockton before- only been on Stockton twice and the last time was over 10 years ago. Anyhow…

We went up the lake (north), found a bluff bank and slow trolled swimming minnows, 1/8th oz jig head in 20 feet of water. We picked up 6 keepers and twice that many shorts in the next 4 hours. Caught a dozen blacks when we stopped and threw to the bank- some nice ones too. But they all went back.

Sun set and Paul was bummed cause the trip hadn’t gone better. He had fished over there several times and he’d done well. But I kept telling him that the crappie should be going to the bank anytime, we just had to find the right bank. So I told him to head to the bluff bank and go till it changed from bluff to sloped and there’s where we found them.

Caught crappie on every cast for the next hour +, finishing our limit easily plus 10 more keepers and quite a few shorts. Plus 6 white bass to boot.

I thought they’d quit biting at dark but they didn’t. When we left, about 9 pm, they had slowed down a bunch but we still could have stayed and caught more… but both of us had a 90 minute drive home.

Didn’t keep anything less than 11 inches and up to 13 inches- nice slabs.

Sorry, no crappie pics.

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