Roaring River

Homesley’s Roaring River fishing report, March 12

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 13th, 2014
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Roaring River Tim Homesley

Had a great morning fishing on Roaring River today, the river is in great shape, water is running at a normal flow and is clear, making for some great fly and spin fishing, I’m still using 6X tippet on my fly rod when using nymphs or buggers, and I’m using 7X when fishing dry flies.

My best fly this morning, early was a black woolybugger, I landed 12 on a #8 bugger, and after the bugger bite slowed, I put on a green/grizzly crackleback and landed 8 more rainbows. About 11:00 the blue wing olives started hatching and it was pure fun, a #20
blue wing olive drew a strike on almost every cast for an hour or so, I think I landed another 12 on the B.W.O. and then I put a small #16 caddis on and it worked very well for an hour or so, then it slowed down, by this time I was ready to quit, and I did.
Good flies to use right now are #14-#22 adams, #14-#22 blue wing olives, #14-#20 caddis zebra midges #18’s and smaller, pheasant tails, copper johns, burlaps, sow bugs and hares ears all #14’s and smaller.

I used a 9′ leader this morning on my 7′ 4wt bamboo rod, the 4 wt was needed because of the wind, I would like to have had my 2 wt out, but to windy. I know the black, brown, and the olive roostertails have been working well, as have the small Colorado woolie spinner combos, I have had a lot of good reports on orange, white, and flo. yellow power eggs, power bait has a lot of new eggs out this year and a few of them look good.

Plastic worms in orange, cheese, pink, and orange peal were good all last week and unless we get a water change these colors should remain good. Marabou jig fishing is a lot of fun right now, you can really see the fish and it makes for some good sight fishing.

On a spin or casting reel, you will need 2 or 3 lb line, p-line, maxima, or mean green will work well, avoid florescent lines like tri-lene and stren. Still using #10 hooks on the worms and #12 and smaller for the plastic eggs. 3/0 and BB sized sinkers will work best for you right now.

Zone 3 is fishing good on powerbait paste, white has been good and orange has been working also corn, night crawlers and natural eggs have been working.

Good luck on the river, fishing has been great.

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