Roaring River

Catch & Release opener report

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 10th, 2013
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by Buzz from OAForum.  The fishing was great. Fast and furious for the first 6 hours. The river looked to be stocked a little lighter than last year, but some stretches had a bunch of hungry fish. I did see a few big fish, but not as many as years past. Most were 12 to 18 inches.

At the whistle it was easy to find a spot to fish. Most holes only had 2 people fishing them unless it was a few buddies or a family.

I tossed streamers for the first 3 1/2 hours and caught some good fish, no monsters but good fish none the less. I counted 31 on 2 different streamers. I don’t have a name for the one that did the best, but was a conehead rabbit fur streamer with a white tail and an olive body. The next was a fish scull olive bugger.

When the streamer bite slowed I switched to a 2 fly rig with an olive backless scud and a frenchie hot spot pheasant tail and started racking up numbers again. When that bite slowed I switched to a glow bug and caught a few more. It really started to slow down after 2:30, but I managed a couple here and there.

I finished the day with a total of 63 trout landed with several good 15 to 18 inch fish, and a bunch of missed opportunities. My biggest fish total ever at Roaring River.

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