Roaring River

Roaring River fishing report, Sept 3

Posted by Tim Homesley on September 3rd, 2012
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River is still in decent shape, the spring is still putting out 6.5 million gallons per day, I talked to the hatchery just the other day, and even with the low water conditions, the water is still flowing from the spring at a good clip, the lowest the spring has been is 3 million gallons per day, so I guess even though it is low, it is still decent.

Great fishing this weekend, crowds were down because of the weather, but it turned out really good for the people that braved the rains on  Saturday, great fishing light rains on Saturday and the river is still in great shape.  The 1 -1/8th” of rain we received didn’t effect the river at all, but it cooled things down and the dry fly fishing was good.

We are still catching trout on dries, adams, blue wing olives, caddis, beetles, ants, hoppers and crickets have all been good, the dry fly fishing will probably only get better in sept. Nymphs will catch fish all day long if you don’t want to fish dries, pheasant tails, zebra midges burlaps, copper johns, brassies, sow bugs and hares ears are all working well, we are fishing nymphs #16’s and smaller, woolybuggers are still very effective, olive, black, brown and tan have been good colors all week.

If you are fishing glo-balls, orange/red dot has been good, the white thread jig is still catching a lot of trout, and the john deere green jig is working very well right now. Plastic worms are very good in zone 1 and zone 3 the orange/white, orange, cheese yellow white, john deere green, pink and pink/white have all been good colors.  Plastic eggs in orange, white, chartreuse, flo. yellow, and hatch brown have all been very good all week. Micro jigs in olive, white, and tan have been good, and regular jigs are still very good in olive, black, white, tan, gray and black/yellow.

First thing in the morning, spinners in black, skunk, white, and brown have been working well. Water is still very low and very clear, so use 2lb line and only use heavier if you have to. In zone 3, night crawlers and corn is still very good, but any of the power bait products will catch fish down in zone 3 on most days.

Good luck on the river this week.

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