Roaring River

Homesley’s Roaring River fishing report, July 23

Posted by Tim Homesley on July 23rd, 2012
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Roaring river is still low and clear, but the flow remains constant, the trout are fine down here the water is still cold and refreshing and the trout are taking dry flys and nymphs as usual.  The river is clear and the use of 2lb line is very important, if you have to go to 3 pound, but 4lb is not recommend right now.

I fished an hour last night and caught 12 nice rainbows, the smallest was 3″ :) and the biggest was a nice chunky 13″ rainbow, caught them on a #20 adams, 8X tippet and a 1wt bamboo built by a local builder. I fished a 12′ leader last night, but a 9′ will get you by just fine, I wouldn’t go shorter than 9′ if you do it will probably cost you a few fish, longer leaders are better when the water is this clear.

Beetles, ants, hoppers, crickets, caterpillars and crackle backs will work most of the day, early in the mornings, small adams, griffiths gnats, and midges are working well, around 10 we will start using caddis, and blue wing olives. The hotter it gets the better the hoppers, beetles, ants and crickets produce. lots of other flies will work, stimulators, royal wulffs, big humpies, and big renegades, work well also.

If you want to fish nymphs, smaller is better right now, copper johns, burlaps, pheasant tails, zebra midges, about any small #16 or smaller nymph will work well. Small jigs and glo-balls fished under a indicator will catch fish most everyday, fish these less than 2′ under the indicator most of the time, same as the small nymphs, 18″-24″ most days this will work well.

Marabou jigs and micro jigs will work great most days, small 1/32 and smaller work best right now, olive white, black, brown, and tan works best right now. Roostertails in brown, black, olive and white have been working well.  Plastic worms in orange, cheese yellow, white, john deere green and orange/white have been good colors.  Plastic eggs, white, orange, flo. yellow, and hatch brown have all been good.

If you are fishing in zone 3 then corn, night crawlers, red wigglers, or any of the power bait paste is a good choice, good luck on the river this week.  Going to over 100 everyday this week, Roaring River is a nice cool 57-58 year round, come down and enjoy.

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