Roaring River

Homesley’s Roaring River fishing report, May 7

Posted by Tim Homesley on May 7th, 2012
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Water is still very clear and running at a normal flow at the moment, we did get a 1 1/2″ of rain sunday afternoon, but all it did was muddy the water for a few hrs and make the fishing fantastic for a few hours.

The beetle fishing after the rain was great, cracklebacks and ants did well for me also.  I caught a few just before the storm on brassies, and 1 on a crackleback, it was going to be good but the rain and the lightning made me sit in the car for 30 minutes or so.  The storm passed and it was really good after that.  A #10 beetle did best for me.  I fished an hour after the rain and caught 9 decent rainbows.

We have been having some really good dry fly fishing the past few months, Blue Wing Olives, adams, elk hair caddis, griffiths gnats and lt cahills (evening) have all been catching a lot of trout.  The trico hatch in the morning is still pretty good.  It only lasts an hour or so, but if you can get into them a #24 or #26 will work well for you.

I’m still using 7X on dries and 6X on nymphs, 5X on streamers.  Copper johns, pheasant tails, zebra midges, burlaps, sow bugs, san juan worms, glo-balls, chamios worms and small thread jigs have all been catching trout.

Black, olive, and brown woolybuggers are always a good choice for catching trout, we will use them in sizes from 8’s to 16’s.

For the non fly fisherman, spinners and jigs are always good choices sight fishing with a jig when the water is this clear, black spinners have been working very well.
Good luck on the water this week.

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