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Tim’s fishing report, March 20, 2012

Posted by Tim Homesley on March 21st, 2012
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Water is still low and clear, as of this writing, the river is in great shape, we received a little less than an inch of rain on monday evening, and the river just barley moved.

We have had some amazing dry fly fishing the past 3 weeks, lots of B.W.O’s, caddis, and midge hatches, and it has been so warm we are catching a lot of trout on beetles and ants, and even on hoppers already, crackle backs are still as good as ever, and we are using the brown/green crackle backs, and the green/grizzly crackle backs, pheasant tails and copper johns are good right now as are gold ribbed hares ears and sow bugs, we are also still pretty good on black, brown, olive and gray zebra midges, as long as the water is decent we should be able to use these patterns with some success, I’m doing pretty good on olive, black, and brown woolybuggers, also a black or a brown wooly worm is a good choice right now also.  I’m using 7X on dries, 6X on nymphs and 5X on bigger buggers and streamers.

If you are using the plastic worms and eggs, then the oranges, white, flo. yellow and the charturse eggs are working well, if you are using the plastic worms then cheese yellow, white, mint green, yellow/orange, pink, and the orange, and orange/white have been good.

Spinners are good early, black, brown, olive and black/yellow are always good early morning colors.  If you are using the marabou jigs, then early I like white, tan and pinks, easy to see in the morning and the trout like those colors, if the sun is big and high I’ll use a black, black/yellow, brown, brown/yellow, and black/olive marabou jig in 1/16th-1/100 in size, sometimes the smaller jigs are used under an small indicator.

In zone 3 night crawlers, corn, power bait paste and nuggets are all good right now, good luck spring is here so it is definitely time to fish.

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