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Posted by Phil Lilley on November 18th, 2013
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The Ozarkanglers.Com website was conceived in 1997 by Phil Lilley, owner of a resort on Lake Taneycomo in Branson, Missouri. Initially, it was a site to communicate with current and prospective guests with fishing reports and how-to articles. Now it has morphed into one of the largest and most comprehensive fishing sites in the Midwest.

In 1998, Lilley branched out to Table Rock Lake. And with the help of Bill Babler and other fishing guides, provided fishing reports for those interested in bass fishing. Monthly newsletters soon followed, adding more and more articles on trout and bass fishing on area lakes.

A few years later, Lilley reached out to Brian Wise and Brian Sloss, guides and business owners on the North Fork of the White and the Elevenpoint rivers, respectively. They came on as contributors.

The site had a small chat board added in 2003 where online visitors could post comments. It was archaic compared to online boards today. But there was a forum called the Conservation Café that garnered most of the online fishing conversations in the state.

Then in late 2005 Lilley bought and set up a forum like the Conservation Café, but about the time that OzarkAnglers Forum went live, the Café was bought and taken offline. Most of the traffic switched over to Lilley’s new forum.

By that time, that main site had added many other fishing destinations to its list of waters including Stockton, Beaver, Lake of the Ozarks lakes, as well as the White, Buffalo, Current, Niangua, Gasconade, Meramec and countless other rivers. Tail waters were added, as well as all four state trout parks. And over the years the area of coverage has grown out of Missouri and Arkansas to neighboring states.

With the help of Google, paid advertising and the best form of advertising — word of mouth — OzarkAnglers, and mainly the forum, has grown in popularity over the past eight years to the point where few fishing sites rival its visits.

The forum is a wondrous fusion of passionate anglers who share stories, thoughts and ideas about fishing, and much more. Harsh rhetoric and bad language is banned, and the site is so closely monitored that parents can allow their children to navigate it freely to learn – and yearn about — fishing. Lilley could take pride in this, but he is more humbled — and amazed – that so many anglers share his heart for the outdoors.


All traffic stats are provided by Google Analytics.

November 1, 2012 – October 31, 2013 (12 months)

If you notice the bump in August—our forum (IPB Board) provided a way to insert analytic code to all pages of the forum and in August of this year, I did just that. This gave a better way for Google to count pages as well as all traffic on the site, thus the bump in traffic count, not actual traffic.

This fishing site is clearly seasonal. The highest traffic periods are in the spring and summer months.

Each year, traffic to the site has increased. Anglers seek out the site during hot fishing times (spawning weeks) to see where the best fishing opportunities are as well as the number one question—what are they biting on!!??

The site’s strength’s are simple–fishermen and women from the Midwest and beyond are seeking unbiased, current fishing information on dozens of lakes and streams and they can find it on OzarkAnglers.Com, either on the main site or on the forum.

Phil Lilley, Owner
Branson, Missouri

Leonard Keeney, Sale Representative

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