North Fork of the White

The North Fork of the White River is Missouri’s premiere, freestone trout river.  It’s divided into three sections:  Above Rainbow Spring, which dumps 82 million gallons of cold, clear water into the North Fork, are primarily warm-water fish, including smallmouth bass and goggleye.  The middle section between Rainbow Spring and James Bridge is considered to be some of the best trout fishing in the state.  Brown trout are stocked annually, but rainbow trout haven’t been stocked in years, making them primarily wild.  Warm species of fish abound in the lower section including stripers.  They actually traveled above the falls at Dawt Mill in 2011 when Norfork Lake rose to record levels.

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Zeke Kuehn’s fishing report, December 1

Posted by Phil Lilley on December 3rd, 2012

Floated from Kelly to Blair yesterday (DEC. 1st). It was my first time floating that stretch. Had a blast even though there was some rough wind at times! Managed to land several with eggs, hares ear, and rubber legs.  With the fish pictured being the Icing on the cake! Water is low but easily floated for jons and canoes, you would have to be careful in a drift boat. read more…

Sunburst Ranch Review And A Nfow Report

Posted by Andy Coursey on November 5th, 2012

Here is an honest review of sunburst ranch.   Great campground.  Great fish holding water, big fish, hot showers, and great prices.  Plus, Justin will sell you some flies that catch monster fish!  You have definitely earned yourself a repeat customer Justin. read more…

Prettiest Fall In Years, Fishing Pretty Good!

Posted by Justin Spencer on October 16th, 2012

Ran out for a couple hours today in front of the campground and quickly caught 3 small bows (2 young of year).  As I was fishing at the base of the island I looked down and realized I had been standing next to a hellbender.  Grabbed the camera and took a few pics before he moved on.   read more…