North Fork of the White

The North Fork of the White River is Missouri’s premiere, freestone trout river.  It’s divided into three sections:  Above Rainbow Spring, which dumps 82 million gallons of cold, clear water into the North Fork, are primarily warm-water fish, including smallmouth bass and goggleye.  The middle section between Rainbow Spring and James Bridge is considered to be some of the best trout fishing in the state.  Brown trout are stocked annually, but rainbow trout haven’t been stocked in years, making them primarily wild.  Warm species of fish abound in the lower section including stripers.  They actually traveled above the falls at Dawt Mill in 2011 when Norfork Lake rose to record levels.

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North Fork Fishing Report

Posted by Phil Lilley on November 16th, 2015


I have been busy and mostly procrastinating about reporting on our float trip of the North Fork of the White River back in October. I have been working on a goal to catch a trout in each of the MDC designated trout streams in Missouri since the fall of 2013. I was just down to the blue and red ribbon sections of the North Fork to complete the task. On the 1st of Oct. I took my wife and our youngest daughter down to Sunburst to pick up a canoe from Justin. Justin dropped us off at Kelley Ford and the trip began. Many of you might know that I also track the various species that I catch and how many of each fish on a yearly basis. My daughter is also working on her own species list this year. I wasn’t expecting much in species diversity on this trip, but was really hoping to finish off my trout goal. read more…

First Norfork brown trout

Posted by Phil Lilley on August 28th, 2014

norfork brown

Took a little weekend trip with a few buddies of mine up to the White River last weekend. We decided to run up to the Norfork River one morning and fish it for a few hours. It was new waters for me, but I had a good farmer buddy show me the ropes. He was fishing in another boat ahead of me. We floated down from the darn ramp and fished about a mile and a half of the river. The dock hole I guess you could call it. My first brown on the Norfork.  by Ccox1982 on OAF Forum

North Fork of the White River fishing report, March 15

Posted by Phil Lilley on March 16th, 2014

NFOW brown

by Sunburst Ranch, Justin Spencer

Fished a little the last two days and it has been hot to say the least. 30 minutes in front of the house yielded a 17 inch bow and a couple smaller ones. read more…