North Fork of the White

Ollie’s fishing report, February 23

Posted by Phil Lilley on February 25th, 2013
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What a weekend! Wasn’t even sure I would make this one. Cold weather and snow are great to fish in, but not sleep in! Stayed at Sunburst Ranch and they were top notch.

Took off Friday morning and got there at about 11:00. We met up with Justin and Amy and they got us settled in and let us know the island upstream held some fish at times. We wasted no time in getting our stuff all put up in the cabin and then getting our waders on.

Took off and fished the island above the ranch and I struck gold within 30 minutes. Hooked a nice 15″ brown and then continued upstream without much luck. Kept fishing that side on the left until I got another bite. Missed it twice, but then moved back downstream until I caught another one. This time he was about 14″. Still got me stoked for the weekend! My neighbor caught one there and then later he caught two more on the backside of the island in the swifter current. We called it a day after that.

Next morning we were suppose to wake up early and get going, but that just didn’t happen. We kind of took our time and then decided to take a shuttle upstream to put in. We almost went downstream from the ranch, but Brandon talked us out of it. Didn’t see too many people so it felt good to have the stream to ourselves.

I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe some more numbers? I know the stream is loaded with fish, but it just didn’t happen for us. About 2 miles down from the put in my neighbor struck first. He landed a nice 20 1/2″ rainbow! Beautiful fish with nice markings on the side.

I thought things were going to pick up after that, but I was wrong. Still no fish between the three of us and only the big one to brag about. Of course we had to hear about it for the next hour or so! lol

Things were pretty slow until about a half mile above Blair bridge. I finally caught my big fish, a nice 20 1/2″ brown! Funny how both fish were the same size. The bow was caught on a black/olive jig and the brown on a straight olive with hackle jig. Both 1/16 size.

I caught one more brown on the way back and it was above the campground as well.. Surprise right.  Sunday we just took our time in the morning and packed up to come back home. No numbers this time around, but big fish were a plus!

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