Norfork Tailwater

Trout Report 1/14/2017

Posted by Phil Lilley on January 15th, 2017
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Finally got some low water on Norfork today, so I decided to drive over and do some wade fishing.  I got to the river around 12:00, which was right around when they shut the water off, and fished until dark.

I ended up throwing 1/16 ounce Zig Jigs nearly the whole time that I was there; I did throw some in-line spinners just before dark in the riffles.  I fished the Zig Jigs in runs and pools, and right where a riffle dumps into a pool or run.  The bite was good, and I landed 37 trout (31 Rainbows, 5 Cutthroat, and 1 Brown) and lost several others.  I caught several Rainbows in the 15 to 16 inch range, but didn’t hook any big trout.

The Cutts ran from about 12 to 14 inches (I had 3 Snake River and 2 Bonneville strain Cutts) The Brown I caught was only about 10 inches. I lost a Brookie about 12 inches, which obviously messed up getting a “slam”.  I had another Brookie chasing my jig when was reeling it in, but couldn’t hook it.

I posted a pic of a Bonneville strain cut below.  This strain of Cutthroat has larger black spots than the Snake River strain of Cutts, and the spots on a Bonneville become more prominent towards it’s tail.  The Bonnevilles that are in the Norfork River are a result of TU and their egg box program; Bonneville’s are not stocked by the AGFC.  The Snake River strain of Cutts, which have small black spots throughout their body, are stocked by the AGFC.


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