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Bentley’s fishing report, March 14, 2012

Posted by Darrell Bentley on March 14th, 2012
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The fishing inside Montauk Park has settled down from the opening week. The weather has been great and the people are catching fish. The big majority of anglers fishing now seem to be the bait and jig anglers. The Dough Bait’s that are working the best has been Secret Bait (It’s a hatchery type bait.) Berkley Power Bait in the orange glitter, white glitter, & Zeaks Orange glitter. The Spinner baits that are working are the Reed’s Special in brown and red, The Rooster tail in the Fire Tiger. The top Jig has been the 1/16 & 1/32oz White marabou.

The most fished bait area has been the Social hole, White Oak hole, and the Rock hole (Governors Hole.) The most productive time of the day has been early at the start of the day and again at 3:30 PM till closing of the day. Most of the areas fished were the deeper slow water, and baits and jigs were fished deep. The trout are holding deep most of the day. The areas which are holding the fish are the same areas that were dredged just before season and have little or no insect action going on. The fish is running about 12″ and some in the 14″ size range. Their are a couple bigger fish still hanging around from opening but they are very angler shy.

The fly area has been a very productive section this week. The top bug’s have been the #18 tan Caddis, The Tan Simulator, The #18 Griffiths Gnat, The #22 Midge Cluster, The #20 Blood worm. The Blood worm can be fished as a dropper off the #16 Griffiths Gnat. Also the Egg Pattern in Salmon Peach color has been productive when fished in the deeper pools, and bounced along the bottom.

Dry fly action has been good during the high sun period of the day. Most fish are starting to hold in the grass beds and in the eddied flows. The sections that hold fish are not the easiest to fish because of the back feed currents and alot of mending of the line is required to get a good fly drift. Longer cast of 25 to 30′ is required most of the time. With the wind issues we had last week this was not the best pattern to try. Also with the section just above the Dam that has material removed to a depth of about 9′ you have to remember to set your indacitor about 1.5 times the depth you want to present the sinking or bead head flies. The Egg Pattern are most productive fished with out an indicator.

The Crabtree hole along the rock shelf has been a productive area. The long flat shallow section below Crabtree to the Rock hole has been a great place to fish the Caddis fly and the blood worm. Their are several fish in the 3# to 5# range still holding in the fly section and they are also very line and angler shy. The Egg pattern or San Juan Worm patterns would be the best bet to hook up with these guy’s. The area above the dam would be a good place to use a 5 weight rod with a sinking tip line right now, but elsewhere a 3-4 weigh with WF line will be the fun set up for the size of fish and conditions right now.

The Blue Ribbon Area below the park has been stocked during the last week. Everyone that has fished this area has had a 12″ Brown on their string. These little guy’s have not been educated to the ways of the stream yet and will sip up most anything in the drift or at least look at it. A midge hatch has been strong and the Blue Wing Olive has been heavy in the late morning and early afternoon. During the heavy part of the hatch the fish will be sipping everywhere, shallows, eddies, main food line. The fly has to be as close to the hatch. The Midge PDM #28 worked yesterday. 7X tippet is about as big as you can go with these little guy’s.

The area above Babist camp has had a couple Brown trout hooked and released in the 4# range. Size 4 streamers took one. Not many reports of bigĀ  browns have been coming in. I plan on doing some scouting this week and will get back with you.

All in all it’s a great time of the year to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Trees are budding and the grass is greening up. 70 degree days and 55 degree nights will lead to some for the best weather we will have all year.

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